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As the director Gmunk said, “At its best, cutting edge technology is like a work of art – truly awe-inspiring in its design, function and beauty. The Samsung S6 Edge is no exception – and we treated it that way as we revealed it to the world through this compelling teaser film. For the project, we wanted to capitalize on the opportunity to bring this device to life with incredible lighting, dynamic motion and fluid energy, crafting a compelling visual study of the new product.”

The process for this clip was highly technical, as it was mostly executed using motion-controlled cinematography along with macro lenses using very short focus distances. Gmunk’s team had to tightly synchronize these two major elements with an array of Laser Projectors provided by their frequent collaborator Adam Labay. Add in the backlit LED screens shining through the acrylic lettering and you have a set full of expensive gear and a lot of moving parts. For Munky, the most compelling part of the shoot was definitely using the Milo Camera System led by Simon Wakley. The Milo was a real-time, iterative motion-control system that allowed the team to innovate on the fly and the ability to try out a variety of camera moves before settling on the final options, which was invaluable.

Significant Other’s collaboration with Gmunk on the spot involved marrying the multiple motion control passes and compositing them to achieve the look he desired, in addition to significant amounts of rig removal. Our combined efforts resulted in a visually striking spot that was seen globally, including billboards in Times Square and Seoul.

Behind the Scenes